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cheap beats by dr dre be conscious2013-Oct-24
Blind people and smelt like retrievers SheedSharp eyed as a lynx Walter ScottWait like a established trap for a mouse awake as a lie detector StegnerWide awake, brain cells flashing like free game in a pinball machine Coraghessan Boyle (See also SHREWDNESS.) Argus eyed Vigilant, watchful keen eyed, alert. Argus was a legendary 100 eyed large established by Juno to maintain view more than the heifer Io. Only two of his eyes slept at a time. Mercury, however, was able to charm him to sleep, and slew him, whereupon Juno set Argus many eyes on the peacock tail. Language ignores his failure and preserves his vigilance with Argus eyed. defeat to the punch See Benefit. maintain 1 ear to the floor To be alert to what going on, to be abreast of rumors and hearsay, to cheap beats by dr dre be conscious of the prevailing developments of community viewpoint. The expression is stated to derive from a apply of plainsmen in the Previous West. They reputedly thought that a neckerchief on the floor would amplify or else inaudible seems, such as the beating of horses hooves. Consequently, they would frequently put an ear to a neckerchief so positioned in order to discern another method. This expression and its variants hold or have 1 ear to the floor date from the early component of this century, and still appreciate widespread forex. What the gossip of the marketplace, Tom? You fellows certainly do maintain your ears to the floor. (Graham Greene, The Peaceful American, 1955) maintain one eyes peeled To be on the qui vive to be alert and watchful to maintain a sharp lookout. Although this version of the expression is currently well-liked, it appears to be a variant of keep one eyes skinned, which appeared in print presumably for nike high heels the initial cheap nike air max 90 time cheap beats by dre in The Political Examiner in 1833. The eyelid is the which should be to allow 1 to see. I kept my eyes peeled, but I didn see her in the afternoon group. (Munsey Magazine XXIV, 1901) maintain one weather eye open To be vigilant, watchful, or inform to notice closely. This expression nautical origin refers to the diligent attentiveness of a sailor assigned to weather observation duty. The expression nonetheless carries its implication of astute observation. Job returned in a fantastic state of nervousness, and maintaining his weather eye set upon each woman who came close to him. (Rider Haggard, She: A History of Journey, 1887) no flies on [somebody] Said of a person who is inform, nike dunk high heels astute, shrewd, or active, 1 not likely to be caught napping. The apparent allusion is to cattle which constantly move their tails in an attempt to discourage flying pests from settling and inflicting unpleasant bites. Therefore, the existence of flies implies stagnation or inactivity, while their absence implies the opposite. There are no flies on Benaud. No 1 will have to attract his attention to it. (Observer, April 23, 1961) The expression
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